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Oleg Ganyushin spoke at the conference of “Delovoy Peterburg” “Dangerous transactions — how to prevent the consequences”

On December 19, the legal practical conference of Delovoy Peterburg newspaper "Dangerous transactions – how to prevent consequences" was held. Leading lawyers in the field of civil, corporate and tax legislation, representatives of the notary community, tax authorities and the constitutional court of the Russian Federation discussed the consequences of errors and risks in transactions that may result in their invalidation.

Oleg Ganyushin, a leading lawyer of Prime Advice, spoke at the event on the topic "Extraordinary transactions in the turnover of economic societies: the results of the reform 2013-2018 and the practice of applying the rules". Oleg drew attention to the pitfalls of regulation, focused on the problems of interpretation of the principle of good faith by the Supreme court for the purposes of challenging major transactions, interested transactions and transactions limited by the charter, and also commented on a rather specific understanding of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Statute of limitations. Oleg separately commented on the most striking trends in judicial practice to challenge extraordinary transactions and gave practical recommendations to the conference areas, based on his experience and the experience of colleagues of Prime Advice.

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