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Ruslan Mukhametshin took part in the conference “Bankruptcy-2018”, dedicated to criminal bankruptcies

"Novyi Prospekt" opened a series of business events. The first practical conference, organized jointly with St. Petersburg state University, was devoted to criminal bankruptcies.

Ruslan Mukhametshin, head of the consulting and evaluation department of Prime Advice, began the session with discussions on how to complete the house for a bankrupt developer.

Most developers keep a balance of assets and liabilities on the side of assets. But if we look from the point of view of further construction and sale, it is not always a formal preponderance of assets at the end leads to a positive financial result. I would like to offer a small algorithm of actions, if the arbitration manager came, changed himself in the USRLE, took the documents, took control of the object. What's next?

The essence of report goes to the fact, that firstly to check whether all shareholders have paid for their apartments; secondly to identify all unsold apartments and premises; thirdly to clarify whether there is a valid building permit to decide whether to lead to a plan or plan to the fact.

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The report is available here