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Oleg Ganyushin held a webinar for about extraordinary transactions of business entities

Leading lawyer of the "Prime Advice" law firm Oleg Ganyushin held a webinar for on the topic "Reform of major transactions and related party transactions in 2017 - 2018 (taking into account the reform of the civil code in 2013)".

A major transaction of the non-ordinary business activities, are considered as extraordinary and may vary in subject matter, composition of subjects, the procedure of the transaction and consequences.

Webinar program:

  • Reform ideas and changes in the regulation of major transactions.
  • A major transaction as a transaction involving the reorganization / liquidation of the company.
  • New in the explanations: quantitative and qualitative criteria, developed approaches.
  • Development of the principle of good faith and the problems arising therefrom.
  • Related party transactions: changes in approaches.
  • Features of the flow of limitation periods for challenging extraordinary transactions.

Webinar recording