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Oleg Ganyushin spoke at the conference of Delovoy Peterburg “Bankruptcy-2019”

March 12, Delovoy Peterburg has made a legal and practical conference "Bankruptcy-2019". Participants of the insolvency market — arbitration managers, lawyers, appraisers, auditors and who interested in bankruptcy issues — gathered with representatives of the judiciary to discuss the latest trends in practice and changes in legislation. Oleg Ganyushin, a leading lawyer of Prime Advice, spoke at the event on the topic "The Rehabilitation procedure in bankruptcy".

Very rarely in Russia — only about 1.5% of cases — rehabilitation procedures are implemented. The current legislation provides for too short a period of time, an unenforceable condition for the repayment of obligations that have not even occurred and does not provide owners with an incentive to restructure. According to Oleg Ganyushin, the adoption of the draft law prepared by the Ministry of economic development in 2016 based on the US bankruptcy Code would significantly improve the situation.

However, the document submitted to the state Duma and already approved in the first reading does not contain most of the instruments necessary for debt restructuring,

- Oleg Ganyushin notes.

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