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Tatiana Tereshchenko held a webinar for about Due Diligence

The head of analytical direction of the "Prime Advice" law firm Tatyana Tereshchenko held a webinar for on the topic "Due Diligence: how to order and what to expect?", during which the financial and tax expertise of companies were dismantled.

Webinar program:

  • Due diligence as a study to establish the risks of the proposed transaction with capital.
  • Types of risks and development of recommendations for their minimization.
  • Objectives and stages of Due diligence.
  • The importance of reservations in the analysis.
  • Collection of information from internal and external sources: examples.
  • The characteristics of the different research units in the framework of Due Diligence.
  • Report on results.
  • Recommendations for risk reduction: practical examples.

Webinar recording