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Tatiana Tereshchenko held a webinar for about peculiarities of inheritance of business

The head of analytical direction of the "Prime Advice" law firm Tatyana Tereshchenko held a webinar for on the topic "Succession planning: the pitfalls and know-how."

Planning the inheritance of business in our time is as important a step as the calculation of the budget or audit of financial activities. It helps to transfer business management to the right successor, as well as to avoid unwanted fragmentation or loss of property in the future.

Webinar program:

  • Options for transferring business to new generations, pros and cons.
  • Inheritance law reform and legal instruments.
  • Transfer by law: principles and features of inheritance by family members and business partners.
  • Transfer under the will joint wills of spouses, heirs, inheritance fund and the executor of the estate.
  • Practical recommendations for effective hereditary planning.

Webinar recording