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“Each company, as a family, has its own inter-partner agreements” — comment by Denis Khimilyane to “RBK Pro”

The status of the partner of the Russian firm, experts say, is rarely prescribed in its constituent documents. Often LLC, bearing the name of the company, fully belongs to only one managing partner, the other partners are listed in this LLC employees. And their partnership status, as well as the rights in making key decisions, are prescribed in the regulations and other internal documents. In the same documents, as a rule, the principle of profit sharing is also spelled out.

Most Russian firms have a partnership principle that is more similar to the American eat what you kill than to the English lock step: partners receive a share of income from their customers and from their projects.

Denis Khimilyayne, managing partner of "Prime Advice":

Each firm, as a family, has its own corporate culture, its inter-partner agreements — spelled out in the relevant provisions or simply stipulated in words. How spouses can prescribe the duty to wash the dishes in the marriage contract, and may not prescribe. But it is a culture that is the essence of such agreements, not how it looks from the outside.

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